Types of Speech/Debate

The types of speech and debate can be divided into several categories. Often the different types are categorized as Debate or IE, in which debate refers to Policy Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Lincoln Douglas Debate, and IE refers to individual events and interpretive events such as impromptu speaking or humorous interpretation.

Below are the various events are organized as Debate, Oration, or Interpretive Events.




NSDA Showcase Videos

These videos give detailed commentary on each type of speech and debate and provide an example of excellence in each event. Additional videos may be viewed using the forward button in the video navigation bar to jump to the next video.


Event Rules

The Scholars Academy Speech and Debate Team competes in tournaments hosted by a variety of organizations. Presently, most of the events we compete in are hosted by other high school forensic teams that are members of the GFCA. Other events will be hosted by the National Forensic League (NSDA), the National Catholic Forensic League (NCFL), and others.

Event rules can vary slightly depending on the host organization. For national events, the rules will be uniform and set forth by the NSDA, NCFL or other national host organization. For Georgia events, most host schools will be members of the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association (GFCA) and will abide by their rules. Other than national events, the format for number of rounds, judging ballots and other formalities will be determined by the event coordinator, usually the coach of the host school.

GFCA Speech & Debate Rules – found in the GFCA Constitution and Bylaws

NSDA Speech & Debate Rules – found in the NSDA Competition Events Guide

NCFL Speech & Debate Rules – found in the NCFL Bylaws